What is Adopt-A-Student?

It is a program in which individuals or organizations can underwrite all or part of a student’s tuition.

Why should I participate in this program?

Good Shepherd Lutheran School is a ministry not only to the children for Trinity Lutheran Church and  Campus Lutheran Church members, but for the community as well.  The school’s leaders and supporters want all families who would like a Christ-Centered education for their child or children to have that opportunity.  In order for this to happen, we need the help of people like you who are able to aid in funding this commitment.

How much does it cost to attend Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

Kindergarten – Eighth Grade 1/2 Day Kindergarten
Per Day: $25.72 Per Day: $17.15
Per Week: $125.00 Per Week: $83.34
Per Month: $450.00 Per Month: $300.00
Per Year: $4,500.00 Per Year: $3,000.00

For questions or enrollment you can contact us at:


Phone: 573-445-5878