Parent – Student Handbook

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Good Shepherd Lutheran School

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Student/Parent Handbook

 Mission Statement

Good Shepherd Lutheran School exists to be a partner with parents, assisting them in raising their children, and helping everyone to grow in love, knowledge, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

Topic Page
Welcome 4
Credo of Christian Education 5
Accreditation 5
Attendance 5
     Absences 6
     Tardies 6
     Excessive Absences/Tardies 6
Early Enrollment for Kindergarten 7
Academic Policies 7
     Homework 8
     Make-up work 8
Transfer Probation 8
Transfer to Another School 9
Church Attendance 9
Animals 9
Athletics 9
Behavioral Goals 10
     Behavioral Rights and Responsibilities 10
Classroom Management 10
     Consequences for Misbehavior 11
Damages 11
Tuition & Billing 11
Chapel Services 12
Child Abuse Suspected 12
Computers 12
Curriculum 12
Field Trips 12
Foreign Language Instruction 13
Grade Reports 13
Grading Scale 13
Harassment 13
     Sexual 14
     Bullying 14
Health Services 14
Home School Communication 14
Concerns of Parents 15
Illnesses 15
Insurance 15
Leaving Campus 16
Lunch 16
Medications 16
    Prescription 16
    Non-Prescription 16
Non-Discrimination 17
Parties/Birthday Treats 17
Personal Appearance 17
Parent Teacher Conferences 18
Parent Teacher League 19
Public School Resources 19
School Board 19
School Closing 19
School Hours 20
Shepherds Kids Extended School Care 20
Student Drop Off 20
Student Pick Up 20
Telephones 20
Testing Program 21
Toys & Personal Belongings 21
Lost & Found Articles 21
Weapons 21



In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I welcome you to Good Shepherd Lutheran School. Our gracious Lord has certainly blessed our school throughout the past and promises even more in countless blessings in the future. Because of Him I am proud of my school. As a member of the school family, I want you to join me in that pride. My prayer is that He gives us the strength and wisdom to use our bodies and minds to the fullest of our potential–to do all things to His glory.

Attending Lutheran grade school should be an exciting experience. It is more than going to classes, doing homework, and being involved in extracurricular activities. It is a way of living and a reflection of faith.

Education is growth. We at Good Shepherd are concerned for your growth–academically socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As a large Christian family called to live together, we have adopted certain standards and policies by which we strive to live together in peace and good order. This guide is designed to help you and your family understand your responsibilities as members of the GSLS Christian community.

May God bless you and your family as you continue your growth at Good Shepherd.

In His service

Tammy Mangold



Credo of Christian Education

  1. We Believe:
  • That since the fall of Adam all people are born in sin
  • That this inborn sickness and hereditary sin is truly sin
  • That the Son of God took on human nature, being born of the virgin Mary, truly, suffered, was crucified, died and rose again for us
  • The we cannot obtain forgiveness of sin and righteousness from God by our own merits or works, but that we can receive forgiveness of sin and become righteous before God by grace, for Christ’s sake through faith
  • That through the Gospel and the sacraments God gives the Holy Spirit, who works faith in those who hear the Gospel
  • That the Bible is the only rule to evaluate all teaching
  • That Baptism makes us part of His body, the Church
  • That good works are signs that faith is alive in the individual
  • And that our Lord Jesus Christ will return on the last day for judgement
  1. We believe that Christian education is the central theme of our Lord’s Great Commission to the Church when He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”
  1. We believe that parents are responsible for providing Christian training for their children. We further believe that Good Shepherd Lutheran School can enhance their efforts and can provide welcomed and often much needed assistance through a continuing sequential religious course of study. Religious thoughts and activities are also incorporated in the rest of the daily curriculum.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School has been accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) Agency and the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) since 2013. Both are recognized by the State of MIssouri.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School seeks to partner with families to provide a quality education for students. Attendance plays a critical role in the school’s ability to identify and meet each individual’s understanding of essential academic material. Although students who are absent can make up missing assignments, our curriculum is not designed to fit all learning into the context of these assignments alone. There is a great deal of learning that is irretrievably lost each day a student is not in attendance.

Please notify us of your child’s absence or tardiness by calling our office at 445-5878, or e-mailing us at by 8:00am.


A student is “absent” if the student is not physically present in a class or present at the school-sponsored activity established by the school for that time period. A student’s parent/guardian should report each absence to the school office no later than 8:00a.m. on the day of the absence.

Students who miss any part of the class day, except for approved appointments, may not attend school events or participate in the practice, game, or performance for any school-sponsored activity on the day of the absence. Even with approved appointments, students must attend at least one half of the school day to participate. Examples of approved appointments include orthodontist, eye appointment, funeral, etc.

Good Shepherd requires students to be in attendance at least 144 days of the required 174 days that we are to be in session. Students are not to have more than 15 absences per semester. After missing more than 15 absences in a semester or missing more than 30 total school days, the parents and student will need to have a meeting within one week of the date of infraction with the teacher and principal to discuss whether the child will need to be held back for retention of a grade. Failure to have the meeting within one week of the infraction, will result in expulsion from Good Shepherd Lutheran School with CLAS Board approval. Parents may petition the CLAS Board for an adjustment to this limitation on an individual basis.


Good Shepherd students arriving to class after 8:15am each day are considered tardy and must be signed into the office before entering the classroom. A tardy student will not be allowed into the classroom until after they have signed into the office and received a tardy slip. Students missing 2-4 hours of a school day will receive a half day’s absence. Students missing more than 4 hours of a school day will receive a full day’s absence.

Doctor’s and Dentist’s appointments lasting less than 2 hours will not count as an absence or tardy. A doctor’s or dentist’s note is required upon arrival or return to school to excuse the absence or tardy.

Excessive Absences/Tardies

Attendance is taken at the beginning of class each day. Attendance is tracked through Good Shepherd’s online management system called TADS Cornerstone. Please contact us immediately if there is an inaccuracy in any attendance notification.

# of Absences Per Semester Resulting Action by School
4 Teacher will contact parent/guardian to ensure student has current coursework
6 Email and phone call from the office ensuring student is caught up on work
9 Phone call from the office and meeting scheduled with appropriate teacher within two days of last absence
12 Principal phone call and parent/guardian pays appropriate teacher $25/hour for private tutoring sessions to get caught up on coursework
15 Principal phone call to parent/guardian to schedule up a final meeting among principal, teacher, and CLAS Board to discuss possible retention or expulsion of student
Additional Note: 5 Tardies = 1 Absence

Early Enrollment for Kindergarten

Good Shepherd Lutheran School will sometimes allow for a student who has his or her 5th birthday after the August 1st cutoff date for kindergarten to enroll early. Before an early enrollment is approved, the parents/guardians must first schedule a meeting with the administrator and kindergarten teacher so that the child can participate in a “readiness” assessment for kindergarten. Upon approval of the current kindergarten teacher and the CLAS Board the student will be allowed to enroll early for kindergarten. As part of the early enrollment, parents/guardians will need to sign an agreement stating that it is their desire for their child to continue attending Good Shepherd after kindergarten. Parents/Guardians who remove their child from Good Shepherd to attend another school after kindergarten will be charged with the full amount of tuition for first grade to be paid before August 30th. This fee can be waived upon approval of the CLAS Board.

Academic Policies

Class Participation

Student participation in all classes is expected and required. Failure to do so may result in a lowering of the student’s grade or other consequences as deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher or administrator.


Many subjects at Good Shepherd Lutheran School require some work to be done at home. This is not only necessary for accomplishing our immediate goals, but it is also a helpful habit for future education and work preparation. When homework is assigned, it is always done for a purpose. Homework is always accompanied by adequate instruction, or is based on general or easily obtained information.

The amount of homework depends on the grade level, the ability, and the study habits of the child. Our goal is to have our oldest students average about an hour of homework per night. Reading which is independent of the classroom setting is extremely important; it conveys new information and gives students added practice in this vital skill that has lifelong usefulness.It gives parents/guardians an opportunity to be a part of Good Shepherd’s mission to help raise their children to grow in love, knowledge, and faith in Jesus Christ. Parents can help best by simply providing encouragement and a quiet place for study. It is best if a regular time, free from disturbances, is set aside for this.

Children are expected to prepare their work neatly and accurately and to submit assignments on time. All the homework is due the day the teacher sets as a due date.

Make-Up Work

All students with an absence due to illness will be given an opportunity to make-up work, one day for each day absent. Make-up work not turned in by the appropriate due date will not be accepted by the teacher and will be recorded as a failing grade for each assignment missing or incomplete. Please contact the school office by 9:00am if you wish to pick up work for the student to do at home. Assignments may be picked up from the office only between 3:30-4:00 and on the table outside of the main school entrance after 4:00. Although teachers will be cooperative in helping with make-up work, the administration strongly encourages parents/guardians to plan appointments and vacation activities at times that will not interfere with the normal school day. While written work can be made up, there is no way to replace class discussions and special activities that are planned for the students each day by the teachers. With this in mind, failure to advise a teacher of planned vacation or absence at least one week in advance may result in an unexcused absence for the student, which may affect certain grades in certain subject areas.

Transfer Probation

All students who transfer into Good Shepherd are placed on the following transfer probation to help become part of the Good Shepherd family and to focus their energies on the academic requirements. No transfer student may enter without the student and parent/guardian signing a copy of these probationary requirements indicating an acknowledgment of their restrictions. Students with special concerns may have additional requirements added. The probation lasts for 30 school days. There may be a conference with parents and principal during the probationary period.

1.     A student may begin attendance when transfer papers have been received from the previously attended school.

2.     The student must complete assignments, positively participate in class, and have good behavior in all of his/her classes.

3.     The student may have no more than three tardies during the probationary period.

4.     The student may have no unexcused absences.

5.     A Disciplinary Report received by a student will constitute a mandatory meeting with the principal.

6.     If problems are evident during the probationary period, a meeting will be held with the principal to determine continued attendance at Good Shepherd.

7.     Restrictions may be added or modified if the reason for admission warrants such action.

Transferring to Another School

Parents should notify the school office if they move or plan to transfer their children to another school. The student’s permanent records need to be sent to the new school. The procedure for transferring records is initiated by the new school through a Record Release form. All fees owed to Good Shepherd will need to be paid prior to the final report cards being issued.

Church Attendance

In line with the philosophy and objectives of Christian education as followed in Good Shepherd Lutheran School, regular church attendance on the part of both children and parents is expected. Not only should the Third Commandment with its implications be taught, but above all, should be diligently practiced. Therefore, parents are urged to set good examples by bringing their children with them to church on Sundays throughout the year. The children attending Good Shepherd Lutheran School are encouraged to attend divine services regularly.

It is also very important that your child participate in the Sunday School program of Christian education. Sunday School is a supplement to the child’s total program of Christian training. It in no way is intended to replace either the need for the Christian Day School or the need for going to church, but is valuable as an experience in Christian living.


Due to allergies and exposure to liability from animal bites, animals may not be brought to school unless previous arrangements have been made with the teacher.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides an interscholastic athletic program for students in grades 5-8, and occasionally for younger students.

Behavioral Goals

We believe that every child has the right to an excellent Christian learning environment. We also believe that each student shares in the responsibility of maintaining order in the school. It is our job to help them grow into responsible adults. Children must understand that according to the Fourth Commandment, we are to respect and obey parents and teachers and others in authority.

Christian discipline is to be used at all times. Our aim is to properly use Law and Gospel as it is taught in Holy Scripture. We believe that we are all sinners; and that as Christians, we are all redeemed children of God. We are members of the family of God as a result of the forgiveness purchased for us by Jesus Christ, and we now live in a community of saints. To maintain order and effectiveness in this community, we adhere to the following:

Behavioral Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Each of us has the right to be safe and the responsibility to behave safely.
  2. Each of us has the right to an encouraging learning environment and the responsibility to be an involved and self-controlled learner.
  3. Each of us has the right to be treated with respect and the responsibility to be respectful to all others and their property.
  4. Each of us has the right to be told directly if we have done anything that is deemed inappropriate and the responsibility to recognize that when others are told, that the expectation applies to us as well.

Classroom Management

Problems will arise, and that when they do, there will be natural consequences, and there will be forgiveness. It is our desire to help each child to develop personal responsibility and self-discipline as disciples of Christ.

Good discipline is self-discipline in which the child has developed an attitude of loving concern for his/her parents, school, teachers, pastors, classmates, and self. We believe in disciplining a child toward a goal. The staff will deal with children in accordance with the teachings and philosophy of Christ. The staff will tolerate actions acceptable for certain levels of growth, channel actions when necessary, and finally, stop any bad behavior or conduct that interferes with the learning activities. The children will be taught to understand that for happy living it is necessary to love one another, serve one another, and to respect one another’s rights and privileges.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School recognizes all children as created by God and redeemed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, even the redeemed child of God falls back into sin and does not always conform to the will of God in Scripture. According to Scripture, during those times it becomes necessary for those in authority to administer discipline in an attempt to restore the fallen child of God to a proper relationship with God as well as their peers. The whole purpose of discipline then is to show a child of God his/her erring ways and that he/she may repent and then to administer the Gospel of God’s forgiving grace through Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the means by which a student may change his/her lifestyle.

Good Shepherd students should always keep in mind that we are to “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children; and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us, and gave Himself up for us, as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” (Ephesians 5:1-2) A Good Shepherd student who fails to follow the rules and guidelines of the school will be faced with the following consequences.

Consequences for Misbehavior

  1. If a student exhibits inappropriate behavior, a teacher will counsel with the student.
  2. Repeated offenses or more serious infractions will result in a disciplinary notice sent home to the parents for them to sign and return.
  3. If the behavior persists, the teacher will schedule a meeting with the parents/guardians to create a plan to prevent and/or stop the misbehavior.
  4. If the behavior persists after a plan is made and implemented, the principal will become involved and a final plan to correct and prevent the behavior will be made.
  5. In extreme cases, a suspension may be given, in school or out of school, with academic credit given for completed work.
  6. Expulsion is the final step. Only the Board of Education holds the right of expulsion from Good Shepherd Lutheran School.
  7. Serious or chronic misbehavior will result in skipping some preliminary steps, at the discretion of the principal.


Good Shepherd strives to provide a quality Christ-Centered education for the students. In order to do this the students are entrusted with library books, textbooks, technology supplies, etc. It is a privilege for Good Shepherd to have access to these materials and any willful or careless damage may result in Good Shepherd students losing access to these privileges or reimbursing Good Shepherd for any damages. School and church property, including furniture and equipment must not be defaced, marred or damaged in any manner. Violators will be billed for the amount of the damage done or for the replacement cost.


Good Shepherd uses a school management system called TADS that will automatically bill families for any charges that occur during the school year. Families can choose to pay tuition yearly, by semester, 10 months, or 12 months. The yearly tuition is taken out by August 1 of the current school year. The semester payments are taken out August 1 and January 1 of the current school year. The 10 month payments will be taken out at the beginning of each month starting August 1 and ending on May 1 of the current school year. The 12 months payments will be taken out starting August 1 and ending on July 1 of the current school year. Families who are unable to keep current will need to schedule a meeting with the administrator or CLAS Board so that special arrangements can be made.

Chapel Services

Chapel services are normally held on Wednesdays at 8:25 a.m. The services are conducted by our pastors, guest presenters, classes, or the teachers. All parents and members of the congregations are welcome to join us in worship. The children are given offering envelopes to be used for mission projects throughout the year. The children are taught Christian stewardship through their weekly giving. A special opening service is held on the first day of school and a closing service is held on the last day of school.

Child Abuse-Suspected

School personnel are “Mandatory Reporters” of suspected instances of child abuse. Schools must report to the Missouri Department of Family Services or a local law enforcement agency if they have reasonable cause to believe any child has been or is being subjected to abuse or neglect (RSMo 210). We are not allowed to investigate the instance or notify people who may be involved.

An employee who reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect, or participates in an investigation or judicial proceeding is statutorily immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be imposed, unless he or she makes a maliciously false statement.

The name of any person who reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect will remain confidential.


The school has laptop computers and iPad Minis with internet access for all grade levels to use. All children receive instruction in how to run the machines and their various software programs. Students get time each week on the computers and are expected to follow all directions given for their use. Technology is infused into each subject area whenever possible, not simply taught for its own sake.


Good Shepherd’s curriculum is based on standards set by the State of Missouri and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our partnership with the Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) in St. Louis helps ensure that our teaching materials and instructional techniques are current and address these standards through a Christian perspective.

Field Trips

Our classes are encouraged to take field trips to reinforce our curriculum. When a field trip has been planned, information describing the trip will be sent home with each child along with a permission slip, which is to be returned to the school by the day indicated. Should parents have any questions regarding class trips, they are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher. Field trips are considered educational experiences taken with the purpose of learning specific things. Each child may be charged a small fee to cover the cost of the trip.

These activities are part of the school’s program and therefore our students are expected to participate, except in unusual cases where special exceptions have been made.

Foreign Language Instruction

The Good Shepherd students are given a personal Rosetta Stone account that is used to help teach students a foreign language. Students in grades K-2 will learn Latin. Students in grades 3-5 will learn Spanish. Students in grades 6-8 may choose from a variety of languages offered.

Grade Reports

Report cards indicating student progress are issued quarterly (approximately every 9 weeks) for children in grades K-8. Reports should be examined by the parents and discussed with the child. The parents and students can also see their daily grades as they are posted online in our school management system called Educate. Promotion is dependent upon satisfactory completion of the course of study for the particular grade level, and is based upon class work, effort, testing, and attendance. Students are not automatically promoted.

Grading Scale

Many of our classes in the lower grades and some in the higher ones are graded with an O-S-N scale, which stands for Outstanding-Satisfactory-Needs Improvement. This is often used where performance standards are more subjective or where more latitude is preferred by the teacher.

A system of letter grades is used for most classes in our upper grades. Our scale is based on a range of percentages based on work completed, and is shown below.

100+  = A+           99-96 = A           95-93 = A-

92-90 = B+          89-87 = B           86-84 = B-

83-80 = C+           79-77 = C           76-74   = C-

73-70   = D+           69-67 = D           66-65 = D-

64 or < = F


It is the policy of Good Shepherd Lutheran School to prohibit any conduct that constitutes harassment of any kind and, if appropriate, to contact the authorities in any situation involving this conduct. Bullying or sexual harassment in any form toward any student by another student, employee, or a non-employee will not be tolerated. Students who believe they have been, or are being bullied or sexually harassed will inform the person that the behavior must stop immediately, and that it will be reported. Parents have the right and the responsibility to monitor all of their child’s electronic communication. Please report all instances of electronic predatory communication to the principal. Bullying and sexual harassment have the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment regardless of the offender’s expressed intent.

Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to…

  1. verbal conduct such as derogatory comments, sexual advances, sexual jokes, slurs, etc.
  2. visual conduct such as derogatory cartoons, drawings, pictures, gestures, etc.
  3. physical conduct such as leering, blocking normal movement, touching an individual’s body or clothing in a sexual way, assault, etc.
  4. threats or demands to submit to sexual activity
  5. retaliation for the reporting of harassment, or participation in an investigation.
  6. any other conduct considered sexually objectionable by the principal.


Bullying may include but is not limited to…

  1. slyly kicking, hitting, pinching, punching, tripping, etc.
  2. verbal threats.
  3. furtively teasing or calling names.
  4. leaving someone out, or spreading rumors about him or her.
  5. using e-mail, social networking sites, game sites, telephone, or text messages in or out of school that create a sense of power over another student.

Students who believe they have seen or experienced any form of harassment or bullying shall report, in confidence, the conduct to the principal, a pastor, or a trusted adult. Any staff member who observes harassment or bullying shall stop it and report it to the principal. The principal will investigate the incident, and may present the findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors. Action could include the termination of employment or enrollment.

Health Services

Good Shepherd Lutheran School is served by a registered nurse who takes care of health record-keeping and communicating health updates. During the school year, we work with the MU Sinclair School of Nursing to weigh, measure, conduct vision, hearing, and other screenings related to your child’s well being. Notices are sent to parents whose children require attention by the family physician or dentist. Screening is also conducted for 5th through 8th grade children for scoliosis, with a parent’s permission. State law requires each child to have complete immunization forms turned in before admission to school.   Kindergarten and 1st grade students need to have a complete eye examination form on file in the school office.

Home-School Communication

The foundation of successful education is the cooperation of home and school. The key to such cooperation is successful communication. All bills will be transmitted via e-mail through TADS. That website is The Good Shepherd Lutheran School web site is The parent portal is called Educate. It is a clearinghouse for news, announcements, policies, and calendar items. The Educate website is It also allows families to email teachers. Good Shepherd Lutheran School also directs information about upcoming school, PTL, and church events, to each home every Friday via our Share & Care e-mail newsletter and via classroom notes. Please check your child’s backpack at least every Friday. These items normally go home with the oldest child in each family. Tuesday noon is the deadline for the inclusion of announcements in the newsletter.

Concerns of Parents

Concerns between teachers and parents, children and teachers, parents and the administrator may arise. Such concerns must be handled as outlined in God’s Word, Matthew 18: 15-17:

“If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. But if he will not listen take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.”

Any problems involving a teacher should be directed to the teacher involved. In the event an agreement is not reached the administrator should in turn be consulted.

If there is no solution from either parent-teacher or parent-administrator discussion a parent may as an option discuss the matter with the pastors at Trinity or Campus who have counseling and advisory responsibility of the congregation.

If no solution is found after following the above procedures, then the parent may bring the matter to the CLAS, asking its inclusion on the next meeting agenda. The parent may ask to be present.


Children with contagious diseases should be kept at home until a doctor releases them to return to school. Under no circumstances should children be sent to school if they are vomiting or have diarrhea. Do not send a child to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.

If your child develops a fever or presents other symptoms of illness at school you will be contacted to make arrangements to have them taken home. You can help us limit the spread of disease by informing the office promptly upon diagnosis of contagious illnesses.


The children of our school are covered under a supplemental insurance plan. This insurance covers a child while attending school, on the school facility and while participating in any school function away from the school, such as field trips and athletic competitions. The plan does not have a deductible clause and pays the total bill with certain limitations.

Leaving Campus

Students are allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day only with proper permission. If you are taking your child off campus for an appointment, please visit our office to sign the child out. Children who are not using their normal means of going home are to give written parental permission to the teacher before the school day begins. We ask that arrangements to go home with another student be made in advance.


The school does not provide a hot lunch program. Please strive to provide your child with a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meal from home. Students should not bring gum, candy or soda for lunch or snack use during school hours or extended care hours. If you choose to bring in a birthday treat, please try to bring in healthy foods with limited sugar.


Prescription Medication

  • Parents are requested, whenever possible, to schedule medication to be given at home. We realize that sometimes this is not convenient.
  • Medications must be brought to school in the original pharmacy container indicating the child’s name, the name of the medication, time of dosage, means of administration, possible adverse effects, and any applicable emergency instructions.
  • The first dose of any medication should not be administered at school.
  • A signed form shall be completed by the parent requesting that school staff administer the medication. Forms are available online and in the school office. For long term medications this form shall be updated annually or whenever the medical protocol changes.
  • Only persons designated by the principal will be permitted to administer medication. Inhalers and Epipens are exempt, but must be used under adult supervision.
  • A log will be kept of all long term prescription medication administered at school.
  • All prescription medications are secured in the office.

Non-Prescription Medication

  • This type of medication shall be supplied by only the parent or guardian.
  • A signed form shall be completed by the parent requesting that school staff administer the medication. Forms are available online and in the school office. For long term medications this form shall be updated annually or whenever the medical protocol changes.
  • If appropriate, a physician should provide a signed statement documenting the need for the medication. This shall include the name of the medication, time of dosage, means of administration, reason for medication, possible adverse effects, and any applicable emergency instructions.
  • Medication must be in the original container with the entire label intact.
  • Parents shall supply any utensils needed such as spoons, eyedroppers, etc.
  • Students are NOT allowed to self-administer any type of active ingredient medication or palliative product (cough drops) while at school or while involved in school related functions.
  • All school-administered medications are kept under the control of the office or the classroom teacher.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, lunches, athletic and other school administered programs.

Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies of the Columbia Lutheran Association of Schools may be brought to the principal.

Parties/Birthday Treats

Classroom parties are typically scheduled in celebration of Reformation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. They are scheduled at the end of the school day as close to the actual day as possible. Each class activity should be a cooperative effort between the teacher and parents and should include age-appropriate events for the students. Some kind of outreach helps to make it an opportunity to give back some of what God has blessed us with. When inviting students to off-campus parties, please keep in mind the feelings of anyone who would feel left out. If giving out invitations at school, please include all the girls in the class, all the boys in the class, the whole class, or the whole team. Please consider how your child feels when left out.

Birthday “treats” are permitted for children in all grades. When treats are planned, they should always include one treat per person in the student’s classroom. Wrapped treats are encouraged. Please notify the classroom teacher prior to the child’s special day if they are bringing teats, so that the teacher may plan accordingly. Also check with the teacher or office about any food allergies the students may have.

Personal Appearance

In order to promote an environment that focuses on academics, Good Shepherd students are to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. General Grooming
  • Hair should be kept clean and neat.
  • Make-up may not be worn by any student prior to seventh grade. When makeup is allowed, it should be applied moderately.
  • Body piercing, other than ears, is prohibited.
  • Regular bathing is healthy and courteous. The appropriate use of deodorant is requested.
  1. General Dress Code
  • Clothing should be neat, clean and in good condition, without holes or tears.
  • Pants and shorts may be either navy blue or khaki. They may be pleated, plain front or elastic waist. Twill fabric only. NO denim. The “fingertip rule” applies for length of shorts.
  • Skirts, Skorts, Capris and Jumpers may be either navy blue or khaki. The “fingertip rule” applies for length.
  • Polo style shirts, either long or short sleeve. They may be any solid color without art, logo or insignia (except GSLS designs). Iron-on patches that cover small logos are available in the office.
  • Students in grades 3-8 are expected to have their shirts tucked in at all times.
  • Turtlenecks may be any solid color without art, logo or insignia (except GSLS designs).
  • Shoes must be fully enclosed and be secured to the foot. For student safety, tennis shoes that tie or are well secured in some way must be worn during P.E. Classes.
  • Socks must be worn at school. Only logos approved by the teacher or administrator will be allowed.
  • When outside in cold, wet or snowy weather, children should be equipped with boots, and warm clothing, including coats, hats, and mittens. Outdoor clothing is to be worn outside only.
  • Normally, the school dress code and rules still apply when off campus on field trips. The principal will determine if other attire is allowed. When possible wear clothing with a school logo on trips.
  • Sweatshirts worn in the classroom may be any solid color without art, logo, or insignia (except GSLS designs).
  • Parents may want to keep a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt, at school. It should be a solid color or display the Good Shepherd logo. Parents may want to put the child’s name on the inside.
  1. Enforcement

If a student is found to be inappropriately dressed or groomed, a private consultation will be held to inform the student of the expectations. An information slip will be sent to the parents to be signed and returned by the next school day in order for the student to attend classes. If a second offense occurs, the parents will be contacted to bring the appropriate clothes for their child. Any concerns regarding this policy or its enforcement should be directed to the administrator.

Parent Teacher conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences for grades K-8 are scheduled at the end of the first quarter. These conferences are mandatory as they are valuable in communicating how the year has begun. As conference time approaches, a note will be sent home to survey your scheduling needs. Then a final notice will be sent indicating the time of the appointment with each teacher for each student. An optional parent-teacher conference is offered at the end of the third quarter. Once again these will be scheduled appointments. A conference may be requested any time the need arises. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. For exact dates, please check the school calendar.

Parent Teacher League

Good Shepherd’s Parent Teacher League meets every other month. Parents of all Good Shepherd students are members and are invited to participate. For complete details of this organization please see the PTL Constitution and By-Laws published separately.

Public School Resources

In order to maximize our effectiveness with each student, children have access to free assessment and diagnostic testing services through the Columbia Public Schools. Initial contact for these services is to be made by the parent to your local public school or to the CPS district office. Good Shepherd Lutheran School cooperates with the Columbia Public Schools in accommodating the special needs of some students. A committee of educational professionals studies the needs of these children and develops service plans for assisting with areas of academic weakness. Every attempt will be made to design a service plan that fits the needs of your child.

School Board

The purpose of the Columbia Lutheran Association of Schools Board of Directors is to promote spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth by…

  • developing and outlining school policies, which are implemented by the school administrator.
  • supporting the principal in the execution of school policy.
  • working toward policies, which enable every child of elementary and junior high school age to receive a Christian education.

Our Board of Directors consists of the pastors and lay representatives from Trinity and Campus congregations and the school administrator.   This board meets monthly.   Should you have an item for the board agenda, please contact the board chairman or principal by the Thursday before a meeting. Meeting reminders are placed on our website, in Share & Care, church bulletins, and church newsletters. The board meetings are open; anyone is welcome to attend.

School Closing

On days of bad weather, the school administrator will determine whether or not school will be in session. If a closing occurs, television stations KOMU-8 and KMIZ-17 are used to broadcast the status. The principal will also send out an FD Broadcast through our school management system that will be sent to parents’ emails and/or texted to parents’ cell phones.

We will not always close when Columbia Public Schools do. Our main concern is family safety. If we are open, and you believe that it is in the best safety interest of your family to remain at home, please do so. The school is prohibited from granting an excused absence when school is in session.

School Hours

Our school day begins at 8:15 am. The students may enter their classrooms at 8:00 am when their teachers are present. Children arriving at school before 8:00 are to sign in with our Shepherd’s Kids (extended care) staff.

School is normally dismissed at 3:30 pm. Children are to be picked up before 3:45 pm unless they are involved in a scheduled activity, or Shepherd’s Kids.

Mid-day dismissal is normally at 1:00 pm with the expectation that children will be picked up before 1:15 pm. There is NO shepherd’s kids extended school care on days when school is dismissed early.

Shepherd’s Kids Extended School Care

Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides supervised care for working families before and after school on days that school is in session. In order to protect students from the potential hazards of unsupervised play on school or church grounds, any child arriving early or remaining late after school must participate in this program as outlined in the Shepherd’s Kids Handbook, published separately.

Student Drop Off

When dropping off your child(ren), please enter the lower lot on the east side of the building using the north driveway and exiting by the south driveway, or use the “south-side” circle drive off of Rollins Road. Pull as far forward as possible, staying to the right side of the driveway when stopped. Please have your child exit from the passenger side. Students should enter school via the EAST doorway regardless of arrival time or location of their classroom. Speed in all parking lots should never exceed 5 mph.

Student Pick Up

K-2 students are to be picked up on the SOUTH side of the building. This is the circle drive.

3-8 students are to be picked up on the EAST side parking lot by the modular classrooms.

If you have a sibling in K-2 proceed to the pick up location for the younger sibling.


Teachers and staff are busy with the children throughout the day so we ask that parents call the school for emergencies only. If possible, please leave a message with the secretary or on the answering machine. Children wishing to use the phone at any time must first have a teacher’s permission.

Students are not allowed to use cell phones during school hours without permission from their homeroom teacher or the school administrator. Cell phones must be kept on silent and stored in the student’s backpack or on the teacher’s desk. Students who choose not to follow this rule will have to turn their phone into the office and have a parent or guardian come pick up the phone from the school office and sign a discipline sheet.

Testing Program

Our school recognizes the importance of utilizing all guidance practices that will make the child’s progress and education more effective. In addition to regular subject testing, the Iowa Basic Skills Test is administered to the children each year. The results are useful to evaluate the individual progress of each student, and for school-wide curriculum planning. All test scores are entered on the student’s permanent school record and will be reported to parents. These records are kept confidential, and are used only in a professional way.

Toys & Personal Belongings

When personal possessions are brought to school they tend to get damaged, lost, or stolen. Children may not bring toys or electronic devices to school or Shepherd’s Kids unless they have prior permission from their teacher or school administrator. Toy or real weapons are not to be brought to school or Shepherd’s Kids. Possession of any weapon on school property could be grounds for immediate dismissal. Any item that deters from the educational program will be confiscated and can be picked up by the parent from the teacher or school office at an appropriate time.

Lost and Found Articles

Each year we have a number of items, mostly clothing, turned in to the Lost and Found. Items such as jewelry, watches, and glasses are kept in the school office. Other items are kept on a table at the bottom of the steps as you enter the school. Any articles remaining are periodically taken to Goodwill.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School strictly prohibits the possession of, use of, or the keeping of any firearm, ammunition, explosive device, or other weapon on its owned or controlled property or as part of its activities. If a weapon or anything that could be used as a weapon is found, the following actions will occur.

The student and parent will meet with the administrator at such time the student may be given a verbal or written warning or suspension from school.

A second occurrence could result in dismissal from the school.


Please print and sign or log into your Tads Account and sign.