GSLS PTL Meeting September 4, 2014 Minutes

Attendance: Jacque Eckhoff, Angel Arnall, Jenny Coon, Chad Herwald, Jen McMillen, Teresa Gooch, Erin Nolan, LaDonna Telle, Tamra Powers, Tammy Mangold, Kristi Mott, Rachel Gonzales, Stephan Gonzales, Rebecca Harms, Allison Moore, Anjee Sapp, Karen Steffens.

President Jacque Eckhoff called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm at Bonkers.

April 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes: Reviewed. Angel Arnall moved to approve the minutes, Kristi Mott seconded, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: 2014 Budget reviewed by Jacque Eckhoff and Treasurer Allison Moore. Angel Arnall moved to approve the budget, Rebecca Harms seconded, motion carried.

Principal’s Report: Stephan Gonzales:

Rosetta Stone curriculum going well, students are enjoying computer program Fast Direct: Teachers continue to work through Fast Direct. Considering having an orientation night for parents
Ms. Kropp is doing well in the 1st and 2nd grade classroom
Accreditation was completed – good for 5 years
Foster Grandparents have returned to help students in small groups
Continues to work to find a person to work half days in 6th -8th grade

Executive Business:

PTL purchased Rosetta Stone curriculum for the 2014-15 school year
New swings were delivered on 9-4-2014. Goal for installation is 10-01-2014
Scrips Program: Jenny Coon and Angel Arnall explained the fundraising program and how family could get involved.

Old Business:

Teacher Luncheon on August 4th went well. PTL officers provided the meal.
Orientation Night Review: Good in the gym. A suggestion was made to have the children go to another area to cut down on the noise factor.
Stephen’s Park in lieu of Picnic Review: Root beer floats were well-received.
Movie Under the Stars Review: Approximately 80 people attended the movie, including families from the Trinity Learning Center.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

New Business:

Amendments to By-laws – Discuss: Jacque Eckhoff distributed by-laws to individuals in attendance. She explained the proposed changes: Changing that we do NOT collect PTL dues and wording changes to remove Board of Christian Day School, which doesn’t fit our school’s terms. An official vote for said changes will be at the November PTL meeting.

Pumpkin Run (September 27, 2014): K-5 can participate in the 5k walk/run. Last year GSLS received $500 for P.E. equipment. Flyers were distributed, information can also be found online.
Freddy’s Restaurant Night (September 30, 2014): 20% of evening’s proceeds (from individuals with flyers) goes to GSLS.

End of Quarter Family Game Night (October 13, 2014): a game night for GSLS families in the gym.
P/T Conference Meal (October 16, 2014): donations will be asked for closer to time from parents.

Donuts with Dad (October 24, 2014): PTL will purchase donuts.
Fall Reformation Parties (October 31, 2014): Teachers will decide on times for parties. A bounce house will be available for all classes to use.
Trinity’s Trunk or Treat (October 31, 2014): PTL can have food and bounce house available – volunteers will be needed.
Grandparent’s Day (November 7, 2014): PTL will have Honey Baked Ham cater even again. Can get 13% back by using Scrip cards. Kids will do a performance for Grandparents – then lunch with families. Donations will be taken for the playground. The theme is Matthew 5:16 – let your light shine.
Barnes and Noble Book Fair (November 21, 2014): All Day at the store. Will need volunteers to read and do crafts.


Anjee Sapp asked how close we were to getting the new playground. After purchasing the swings, we have $2300 for the playground.
Chad Herwald asked about a base for the swings. Mulch will be put under the swings initially. Mats will also be placed under the swings for extra protection.

Thrivent Choice dollars may be an option for Thrivent members to give money to GSLS. All Thrivent members are encouraged to ask their representative about this program. Jacque Eckhoff will look into specifics about the program.

Adjourn: Kristi Mott moved to adjourn the meeting, Allison Moore seconded, motion carried.

Next meeting: November 6, 2014 at 6pm in GSLS gym.
We will also be decorating for Grandparents Day at this meeting.


September 2014 Minutes – PDF

9-4 PTL Agenda – PDF

PTL April 2014 minutes

GSLS PTL Meeting Minutes March 6 2014