Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What grades are taught at Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

A. Our school offers kindergarten through eighth grades


Q. What are the options for my child in kindergarten?

A. We only offer full day kindergarten.  Students may take a short afternoon nap for the first half of the year and transition out of  the nap during the second half of the year.


Q. What are your class sizes?

A. Our kindergarten program has a maximum of twenty students. Our first and second grades have twenty-two students as a maximum. Twenty-four students is the maximum for each class after that.


Q. How long is the school day?

A. Our regular schedule is from 8:15 to 3:30 each day.


Q. Do you offer extended care?

A. Extended care, called “Shepherd’s Kids”, is available from 7:00am-8:00am and  3:30-5:30pm for an additional fee.


Q. Does your calendar follow that of the Columbia Public Schools?

A. For the most part, we follow the public schools. We are off on Good Friday and Easter Monday.


Q. Do your students have uniforms?

A. We do not require uniforms, but we do have a dress code.  It is similar to most private schools in the area. There is a clothing rack at the school with gently used clothes for $1.00 each that can be purchased.


Q. Is there a hot lunch program?

A. No, we do not offer a hot lunch. Students are asked to bring their own lunch. They do have access to microwaves and refrigerators.


Q. What co-curricular activities are available for students?

A.    Students in 1st-4th grade learn Latin.  Students in grades 5-6 learn Spanish and students in grade 7-8 may choose the language they learn.  We use an on line program (duolingo) for grades 3-8.


Q. Are there athletic programs?

A. Volleyball, soccer and basketball teams are available for students in grades third through eight.  We partner with Our Lady of Lourdes to make a complete team for each grade level.


Q. How is technology used in your school?

A. Computers and other technology are tools to assist in the education of 21st century students. Interactive whiteboards, laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks are available for use by teachers and students.